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Family History - Gaiter

the Gaiters of Pontypool, Mon. & Somerset

Margaret  (b ? Oct 1892, Pontypool, Mon - d. 31 Jan 1930) my grandmother, she died when my mother was a baby
her parents:
Morgan Gaiter (b. 1866 - d. 8th May 1901; he was a shoemaker and maintained the family shop on George Street, Pontypool)
Mary (nee Carey) (b. 1869 Abersychan, Pontypool, Mon. - d. 22nd Jan 1945; Gran Gaiter turned the shop into a general store after Morgan died, years later, that block of George Street was demolished)
his parents:
Charles Gaiter (b. 1842, Newport Mon - d. ??, Pontypool, Mon) and Johanna (nee Sweeney)  (b. 1840?, Newport Mon - d. 4th Jan 1887, Pontypool, Mon)  her father: Morgan Sweeney of unknown, Ireland
and this is complicated...

Charles Gaiter (b. 1842, Newport Mon - d. ??, Pontypool, Mon) (dates not final give or take a year or two)
married to Johanna Sweeney on 4th June 1865 at St Albans Ch., Pontypool, daughter of Morgan Sweeney she died 4th Jan 1887 in Pontypool
though the 1881 Cencus at Pontypool says that Charles was born at Otterford, Taunton, Somerset
1891 cencus has Charles and Johanna with the following children:
Morgan (b. 1866) that'll be my great grandfather then? :-)
Charles (b. 1868 or 71?) this must be "Uncle Charlie" who collapsed and died at the hosue/shop in George Street so the family story goes
John (b. 1873)
Mary (b. 1880) (date not confirmed, could be later)
Denis (b. 1881) (had to have been born after April as is not found in '81 Cencus)
William (b. 1883)
this is confirmmed from the 1881 Cencus where only Morgan, Charles and John are listed as children of Charles and Johanna


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and then the 1881 cencus at Taunton, Somerset has a:
John Gater (b. 1821 Otterford, Som.) wife unknown;  but children:
Maria (b. 1859, Pontypool Mon)
Charles (b. 1860, Pontypool Mon)
Clara (b. 1866, Pontypool Mon)
and then theres more at Somerset...
Francis Gaiter (b. 1796, Pitminster, Somerset) a blacksmith
married to Sarah (b. 1791? Otterford, Somerset)
with daughter Grace (b. 1834?)
1861 Cencus places him at Wood Cottage, Bishopswood aged 65
1861 Cencus also has a William Gaiter (a blacksmith) (b 1819/21?, Otterford) with wife:
Sarah (b. 1829?, West Buckland) and children:
Sarah (b. 1853?, Pitminster)
Martha (b. 1856?, Pitminster)
Mary (b. 1856?, Pitminster) (dates could be out or they might even be twins?)