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a full listing of the original British transmissions of "Star Trek" on BBC Television - 1969 to 1986
Series One - Saturdays - BBC1 - 5.15pm
Where No Man has Gone Before  (1x03) 12/07/69
The Naked Time                       (1x04) 19/07/69 
The City on the Edge of Forever (1x28) 26/07/69
A Taste Of Armageddon            (1x23) 02/08/69
Mudd's Women                        (1x06) 09/08/69
Tomorrow Is Yesterday             (1x19) 16/08/69
The Menagerie (part one)          (1x11) 23/08/69
The Menagerie (part two)         (1x12) 30/08/69 
The Devil In The Dark               (1x25) 06/09/69
Charlie X                                (1x02) 13/09/69
Shore Leave                           (1x15) 20/09/69
Space Seed                           (1x22)  27/09/69
The Man Trap                        (1x01)  04/10/69
Dagger of the Mind                 (1x09) 11/10/69
(BBC strike, nothing on)                    18/10/69 
The Balance Of Terror             (1x14) 25/10/69
The Squire Of Gothos              (1x17) 01/11/69
What Little Girls Are Made Of?   (1x07) 08/11/69
Arena                                   (1x18) 15/11/69
Return Of The Archons             (1x21) 22/11/69
This Side Of Paradise               (1x24) 29/11/69
Court Martial                          (1x20) 06/12/69
Errand Of Mercy                     (1x26) 13/12/69
The Conscience Of The King     (1x13) 20/12/69
The Galileo Seven                   (1x16) 27/12/69
this time slot , then reverted to "Doctor Who" now with Jon Pertwee, 03/01/70 to 20/06/70;
then continuing coverage of Grandstand (BBC Sport) on 27/06/70 and 04/07/70;
The Debbie Reynolds Show   11/07/70
Grandstand / The Royal Tournament  18/07/70

Series Two - Mondays - BBC1 - 7.10pm
Court Martial                        (1x15) 06/04/70
The Enemy Within                 (1x05) 13/04/70  
Catspaw                             (2x07) 20/04/70
Who Mourns For Adonais?       (2x02) 27/04/70
The Apple                            (2x05) 04/05/70
Metamorphoses                    (2x08) 11/05/70
Wolf in the Fold                    (2x13) 18/05/70
The Changling                     (2x03) 25/05/70 (at 6.15pm not 7.10pm)
The Touble with Tribbles       (2x15) 01/06/70
Bread and Circuses               (2x25) 08/06/70
(unknown)                          (?x??) 15/06/70
Journey To Babel                 (2x10)  22/06/70
The Deadly Years                 (2x12)  29/06/70
A Private Little War               (2x19) 06/07/70
Obsession                           (2x13) 13/07/70  
By Any Other Name               (2x22) 20/07/70
I, Mudd                              (2x08) 27/07/70
Patterns of Force                 (2x21) 03/08/70
The Immunity Syndrome        (2x18) 10/08/70
Return To Tomorrow             (2x20) 17/08/70
The Omega Glory                 (2x23) 24/08/70
(no episode this week)         (XxXX) 31/08/70 Bank Holiday Monday
A Piece of the Action            (2x17) 07/09/70
this time slot , then had "Z Cars" followed by "Not In Front Of The Children", on 14/09/70 to 28/09/70;
Series Two, cont. - Wednesdays - BBC1 - 7.20pm

The Ultimate Computer          (2x24) 07/10/70
Friday's Child                       (2x11) 14/10/70
this time slot , then had "Blackpool Tower Circus" on 21/10/70 and "Remember, Remember" a documentary about Guy Falkes Night, with Desmond Wilcox on 28/10/70;
Series Three. - Wednesdays - BBC1 - 7.20pm

Assignment Earth                  (2x26) 04/11/70
Mirror, Mirror                        (2x04) 11/11/70
The Gamesters of Triskelion    (2x16) 18/11/70
Amok Time                           (2x01) 25/11/70
Miri*                                   (1x08) 02/12/70
Operation: Annihilate!            (1x29) 09/12/70 
The Empath*                       (3x12) 16/12/70 
(no episode this week)        23/12/70 "Ace of Clubs Grand Final"
Requiem For Methuselah         (3x19) 30/12/70 
All Our Yesterdays                (3x23) 06/01/71
Day of The Dove                  (3x07) 13/01/71
The Way To Eden                 (3x20) 20/01/71
Let That Be Your Last Battlefield (3x15) 27/01/71
Wink of an Eye                     (3x11) 03/02/71
The Cloud Minders                 (3x21) 10/02/71

Where No Man has Gone Before (Rpt) (1x03) 17/02/71
A Taste Of Armageddon (Rpt)           (1x23) 24/02/71
Mudd's Women (Rpt)                       (1x06) 03/03/71
Tomorrow Is Yesterday (Rpt)            (1x19) 10/03/71
The Devil In The Dark (Rpt)              (1x25) 17/03/71
Shore Leave (Rpt)                          (1x15) 24/03/71
Space Seed (Rpt)                          (1x22)  31/03/71
The Corbomite Maneuver (Rpt?)        (1x16) 07/04/71
The Squire Of Gothos (Rpt)              (1x17) 14/04/71
this time slot , then filled with "It's A Knockout!" from 21/04/71;
* after first broadcast, four episodes were banned, they were  "Miri", "Plato's Stepchildren", "The Empath" and "Whom Gods Destroy"
the series so far, July 1969 to April 1971

Episodes broadcast: 64
Episodes not broadcast: 19, they were: The Cage, The Alternative Factor, The Doomsday Machine, Spectre of the Gun, Elaan of Troyius, The Paradise Syndrome, The Enterprise Incident, And The Children Shall Lead, Spocks Brain, Is There In Truth No Beauty?, The Tholian Web, For The World is Hollow and I have Touched the Sky, Plato's Stepchildren, That Which Survives, Whom Gods Destroy, The Mark of Gideon, The Lights of Zetar, The Savage Curtain, Turnabout Intruder

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