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About Me

This is the page where I'll describe myself in more detail.

Sept 05 happy to have met the lovely Ellie, as ever regular updates on my crazy little life at my Live Journal
2005 ... so far... work at TJ Hughes...
2004, began the year with retail training course, which eventually led to my new job at TJ Hughes department store
2003, so much has happened. Especially meeting Jenn and my holiday to America in June, year ended with a computer course

2002, week in Japan for family wedding...

1999-2002 work in City Centre Reps and Whats That Glasgow?
1993-1999 not much life, coasted along, but at least did get to the annual Star trek Conventions (from 1995 until their demise in 2001)

1991-92, my job at the Cannon/MGM Film Centre and moved from flat in Helensburgh to Dowanhill in Glasgows West End

1989-91 home in Pontypool, South Wales, to finish High School



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I am a film fanatic, above all, then a telly addict and a music lover
all Links to other favourite sites can now be found in my new larger and more comprehensive Links Pages

I am a lifelong music lover, my tape collection spans my entire life beginning with Mike Oldfield's "Tubular Bells", my CD collection, primarily spans the last 15 years or so and expands on the Tape collection. In recent years I have been expanding it back to cover tapes I never got before
and yes they are all stored chronologically!