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 most people think I am just an 80s freak... true most of the music I love is from the 80s but I am into so much more...
recent years turning goth I realised I probably always have been, just wasn't really aware of all the goth music and everything that goes with it...
and I probably really have gone through all the loner / depressive type stuff that goes with being a goth... if you reading this know me then maybe you understand what I am on about...
more on that over on the next page GOTH STUFF
more about my tastes in music will follow in the meantime my Music links page will cover things

Ten albums that sum me up, all from the middle of my CD collection (all together, within the chronological sequence)...











Thanks go to Rob for giving me this idea when he picked out the CDs as racked on the shelf (together) as summing me up altogether, Cheers Rob!