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Family History

My Family History down the maternal line: O'Sullivan / Fenton - Gaiter / Hannon - Carey / Delacey

Who we are?
me: Brendan Michael
my brother: Neil John

our folks were: Michael and Bridget MacNeil
my Dads family are the MacNeils of Barra, real ones actually from Barra.
His sisters were Katie (Campbell), Isobel, Katherine and Margaret (MacNeil) can't remebmer the other twos married names. there are thirteen grandchildren between them, Neil John and myself are 14 and 15. Grand-dad and Grandma were Neil and Mary-Ann MacNeil they lived at 4, Eilogarry (not sure of spelling, am doing this bit from memory)
now the detailed part... info I am still after...

my grandparents: Cornelius and Margaret O'Sullivan (nee Gaiter) of Ponytpool
Gt Gr: Cornelius and Mary Anne O'Sullivan (nee Fenton) of Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan

Gt Gr: Morgan and Mary Gaiter (nee Carey) of Pontypool
Gt Gt Gr: Cornelius and Mary O'Sullivan  of Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, from unknown, Ireland

Gt Gt Gr: John Fenton (wife unknown) from unknown, Ireland
Gt Gt Gr: Charles and Johanna Gaiter (nee Sweeney) of Pontypool, from Otterford, Taunton, Somerset

Gt Gt Gr: William and Mary Carey (nee Hannon) of Blaenavon, from unknown, Ireland
Gt Gt Gt Gr: Morgan Sweeney, from unknown, Ireland