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USS Valiant

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USS Valiant was born in October 95 as a split from fledgling group Starfleet Academy (which didnt work out) which itself was a split from a split from the local branch of Klingon Assault Group
None of these groups survive, except USS Valiant.
USS Valiant         
NCC 74223     
Intrepid Class
Launched SD 50004.50
"Risk Is Our Business"
(Capt Kirk, "Return to Tomorrow")
USS Iron Horse    
NCC 00000     
Nebula Class
Launched SD 50335.56 
"All greatness stands firm in a storm"  (motto from piers of original Glasgow Railway bridge over River Clyde)
USS Columbia      
NCC 41281     
Miranda Class
Launched SD 50714.46     
"Somewhere beyond the sky, Beyond Antares"
(Leiut. Uhura, "Beyond Antares"  lovesong    
USS Valiant         
NCC 74223-B  
Galaxy Class (Refit)
Launched SD 52034.65
"Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once" (Caesar, "Julius Caesar" Act II, scene II (33,34)

USS Braveheart
Galaxy Class
NCC 71305
Launched SD 50125.87
"don't need no crystal ball, don't need no magic wand; We humans got it all, we perform the miracles" (Kate Bush, "Them Heavy People")
USS Valiant
Sovereign Class
NCC 74223-A
Launched SD 50454.46
"Sieze the day" (trad.)
IKV Red Dragon
Scout Class, Bird of Prey
Launched SD 51111.62
"Star of peace and freedom" (translation from Swahili, of Nyota Amani Uhura, the TOS characters full name)

all stardates calculated using Calendar Converter, using the Modified Julian Date (to two decimal points, representing 15 minute increments)